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Hotel online distribution: What really sells rooms today?

Get inspired. Get Expertise.
In a half day, the Hotel Digital Lab conference concentrates a wealth of information for hoteliers who want to maximise their online sales around the theme: “Hotel online distribution: what really sells rooms today?” Along with D-EDGE, expert partners will share their tips and help you decipher which trends are really impacting our industry and what can effectively work for your hotel.



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Using Google to dissect the customer journey

Do you truly understand your target market and actively design your online experience for them? Google Hotel Ads can help you analyse and learn


Dynamic Pricing, Book on Google, Voice Search : How it will increasingly impact your online business?

In recent months you have probably already made the distinction between techniques that work well to bring more direct traffic to your site from the less efficient one. Bad news: you need to review your analysis! Indeed, whether it is new technologies, new standards or new business practices imposed by the major players in our industry, the recipes to attract traffic have evolved enormously. Find out what these new practices are and their respective impacts and how your hotel can adapt.


We’re Smarter Together

Driving revenue and profitability through the sales marketing and revenue matrix


Is your website really UX and conversion oriented?

Our expert will guide you in the critical analysis of several practical cases. At the end of this session, you will be able to quickly identify what could and should be improved on your website to drive more direct bookings.


Predictive Personalisation: How machine learning & predictive analytics are revolutionising direct bookings

All hoteliers should be excited about Predictive Personalisation because it transforms traditional thinking by adding the user into the revenue management equation. After all, every guest is different - so why would you show the same price to everyone? In this session, we will be exploring how hotel brands can effectively leverage machine learning techniques to improve the website user experience and increase hotel revenue simultaneously.


Power your business with Artificial Intelligence

The future is here! Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate, saving time and money without increasing operating costs. This advanced technology enables you to provide round the clock service and allows guests to easily self-manage their stay by accessing information at their fingertips. Machine learning is what makes this technology so effective. Analysing customer responses and re-ranking answers substantially increases success rates. Join Brad Illich to learn how artificial intelligence can benefit your tourism business.



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Google Sydney

48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009

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Wong Yin Yin

Marketing & Communication Director, Asia
D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions
+65 9790 4185

Duncan Waterman

Country Manager - Australia
D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions
+61 417 546 440

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