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How to increase Profit in a Digital and Data driven World

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In a half day, the Hotel Digital Lab conference concentrates a wealth of information for hoteliers who want to maximise their online sales around the theme “Hotel online distribution: what really sells rooms today?” Along with D-EDGE, expert partners will share their tips and help you decipher which trends are really impacting our industry and what can effectively work for your hotel.



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Analysing the evolution of the different channel distribution performance to define the best mix for your hotel

Based on millions of data collected over the past 5 years, D-EDGE has conducted a unique study that analyses the evolution of online sales of hotels channel by channel. Which channels are the most performant, on which channel do we observe the lowest cancellation rate, the highest revenue per room ? At the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to establish what is the winning distribution mix for your hotel according to your strategy.


How can hotel benefits from metasearch and Google Hotel Ads

Let's have a look how metasearch evolves and how can hotels take advantage of current trends to increase direct bookings. Modern PMS, Channel manager and booking engine as instruments for achieving success in this challenge.


Wholesalers: who are they, how do they work and how can you make the most of them as hoteliers?

In a very dynamic and changeable environment; wholesalers continue to play a key role in the tourism industry; improving hotels’ performance and providing a base for their business; giving a balanced mixture of markets and focusing on long terms partnerships.


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Dynamic pricing, Book on Google, Voice: how it impact your direct sales?

Discover the new practices of key players and travellers' new uses and their potential impacts on sales. Thanks to this presentation, you too can be ready to exploit new opportunities and improve your margin.


Predictive Personalisation: How machine learning & predictive analytics are revolutionising direct bookings

All hoteliers should be excited about Predictive Personalisation because it transforms traditional thinking by adding the user into the revenue management equation. After all, every guest is different - so why would you show the same price to everyone? In this session, we will be exploring how hotel brands can leverage machine learning techniques in a practical way to improve the website user experience and increase hotel revenue simultaneously.


Boutique Hotels on Airbnb: Become part of a global community

During this presentation Carola will reveal the best practices used by the most succesful hotels on Airbnb. She will also detail the profile and main characteristics of Airbnb guests to enable you to adapt your offer to this audience.


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