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How to increase Profit in a Digital and Data driven World

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In a half day, the Hotel Digital Lab conference concentrates a wealth of information for hoteliers who want to maximise their online sales around the theme: “Hotel online distribution: what really sells rooms today?” Along with D-EDGE, expert partners will share their tips and help you decipher which trends are really impacting our industry and what can effectively work for your hotel.



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Analysing the evolution of the different channel distribution performance to define the best mix for your hotel

Based on millions of data collected over the past 5 years, D-EDGE has conducted a unique study that analyses the evolution of online sales of hotels channel by channel. Which channels are the most performant, on which channel do we observe the lowest cancellation rate, the highest revenue per room ? At the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to establish what is the winning distribution mix for your hotel according to your strategy.


How to attract direct bookings with Tripadvisor

Over the last few years, Tripadvisor has been able to increase its influence on global travel spending. Referring to an ideal booking path, we have managed to create products that can optimize every single step of the booking process, so as to create a strong synergy around the core tool: the metasearch.


Your data between the Reception and the Cloud. From PMS to Marketing Automation to increase direct revenues

The increase in booking channels and touch points with the hotel, together with the limited integration among different software, produce data silos potentially rich in information, such as inaccessible diamond mines. Discover the data warehousing and business intelligence methods and tools that allow you to exploit data silos, increase data quality, turn data into information, get to know better all your customers, build loyalty, acquire new ones and develop more direct revenues.


Personalisation & Conversion: Innovative techniques to drive more direct bookings

An effective way to significantly grow your direct booking channel is by personalizing the user experience for visitors to your hotel brand’s website. During this interactive session, we will be exploring the latest personalisation techniques, including predictive analytics using machine learning. Taking inspiration from successful campaigns by innovative hotel brands, we’ll provide you with creative ideas to leverage today’s technology to increase direct conversions.


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Travel With Google

Marcello will explain the latest trends in consumer behaviour regarding hotel reservation and will come back on the new Google solutions such as Book on Google.


Website trends, dynamic pricing, Book on Google: are your digital strategies all set-up for 2020 ?

Discover the new practices of key players and travellers' new uses and their potential impacts on sales. Thanks to this presentation, you too can be ready to exploit new opportunities and improve your margin.


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