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Revisiting the customer relationship

How to create personalised experiences, deliver dynamic pricing, and increase loyalty in the hospitality business?

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Customer relationship is the backbone of any hotel activity and plays a major role in the guests loyalty.

It is disrupted today by digital and new consumption patterns:

Travellers are increasingly sensitive to prices, less loyal, and more impatient.

Fortunately, with the advent of machine learning and Big Data, hotels can now seize new opportunities to discover and leverage relevant customer information to maximize revenue, productivity, and customer brand attachment.

Throughout a half-day conference, our experts will break down the new opportunities available which can help you bring your customer relationship to a next level.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Hotel Digital Lab 2020 season
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Definitely one of the best conference for hoteliers!

The insight provided by the experts was really enlightening and inspiring.

Thank you !

Excellent, very informative!

I will be practicing many of these ideas.

Very Interesting information regarding the trends

and the changes in customer booking behavior

Excellent and very informative presentations

I'm glad I attended the event, it was well worth it.

The Lab is always rich in information.

The global statistics on the market allow us to situate ourselves more precisely and help us to determine our areas for improvement.