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How to increase Profit in a Digital and Data driven World

Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
FASTBOOKING & Availpro, in partnership with major Hospitality Industry specialists, shared a different path for hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution to gain a healthy balance among the various digital channels.
Together, they revealed practical and actionable techniques on how hoteliers can optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability during its Digital Lab.
Download the event report that consists of the key points from the presentation.



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How to respond to the hyper connected travelers' new booking path and digital usage?

Many innovations are being developed at Google to improve the user experience in Google Hotel Ads as well aas in search tools. See how hoteliers can leverage these innovations to expand their visibility on Google and increase their direct bookings


The challenge of conversion: how to improve your Website Direct performance?

The conversion rate of a hotel's website is determined by several factors that it are important to understand in order to be able to optimize it. The stakes are high: 1 additional point of Conversion represents several points of additional margin. This presentation will help you to Identify the traffic sources that convert best (and those that you can forget). You will also find out how your pricing strategy impacts your conversion rate and how it can help you lower your acquisition costs.


Smart tricks to increase direct bookings

Most of your customers have landed on your site. Unfortunately, far too many have left to book on an OTA. Find out how data can be used to optimize conversion on your site and get three ready-to-use actions to increase your direct bookings.


How to utilize guest feedback to increase online visibility, improve operations, and drive hotel revenue

From the initial booking until the guest checks out, customer feedback impacts a guest’s decisions from start to finish. Today, hotels need not only to analyse, but also collect, manage, and market their online reviews to stay competitive and increase their revenue as well as bookings. Discover what hotel marketing or hotel operations strategy is right for you, and how can you make sure it’s successful.


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Turning payment problems into opportunities

As a hotel owner, don't you often wonder how to focus more on customers and less on paperwork? Discover the latest technology trends and solutions that can help you eliminate all the manual tasks related to payment issues. Go back to the very heart of your business: customer service!


Shoot for the Average, Miss the Target - Discover the Many Paths to a Hotel Booking

The Holy Grail of travel marketing is knowing why, when, and how travellers plan, search, and book their travel. For a decade now, the travel industry has been seeking to unlock the average ‘traveller path to purchase’ and turn advertising into science that guarantees bookings. However, Sojern’s recent research shows there is no average traveller path to purchase. Instead, our latest work demonstrates that any single path to purchase is exponentially more complex than we suspected. It’s time to give up the quest for a single path to purchase for all travellers and learn how to speak to each traveller, individually. If you aim for the average traveller, you're likely to miss your target.


Using AI to expand your revenue potential with CRM throughout the guest journey

Gain actual intelligence (AI) from your hotel CRM to amplify hotel offerings and cut through the noise of the crowded travel space. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to consolidate and leverage your hotel’s valuable data to create meaningful, personalized experiences that drive engagement, direct bookings, loyalty and higher ROI while putting guests at the center of what you do. With an AI foundation, we’ll show you how hoteliers have made more informed decisions to expand their marketing reach, be quicker to market and track real-time success for their properties.


How can Facebook help you develop your business?

More than 2 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis in the world and there are 500 million active instagrammers every day. Find out how Facebook Ads allows you to target the right people cross-device and increase your direct sales. Discover the ad formats that work best.




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