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How to increase Profit in a Digital and Data driven World

Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
FASTBOOKING & Availpro, in partnership with major Hospitality Industry specialists, shared a different path for hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution to gain a healthy balance among the various digital channels.
Together, they revealed practical and actionable techniques on how hoteliers can optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability during its Digital Lab.
Download the event report that consists of the key points from the presentation.



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How to respond to the hyper connected travelers' new booking path and new digital uses ?

Many innovations are being developed at Google to improve the user experience in Google Hotel Ads as in search tools. See how hoteliers can take advantage of these innovations to increase their visibility on Google and boost their direct bookings


The challenge of conversion: what can you do to improve your website direct performance?

The conversion rate of a hotel's website is determined by several factors that are important to consider in order to optimize it. The stakes are high: one conversion point earned equals several points of additional margin. Identify the traffic sources that convert best and those that need to be forgotten. Then find out how your pricing strategy impacts your conversion rate and how it can help you lower your acquisition costs.


Conversion through Context and Personalisation

Improve your hotel website conversion: Use context from multiple sources and real-time personalisation to convince the customer that he came to the right hotel and should book it on your website.


Your hotel at the heart of the digital economy

Everything in the hotel revolves around the client, but very often the hotel owner does not know all about his clients and he can not create direct channels of communication. The evolution of information technology puts a new world of systems at your disposal that speak and let you know all about your guests, anticipate their requests, establish direct contacts, build loyalty and increase revenues. Discover new solutions to integrate systems and data, free your creativity and implement your idea of ​​hospitality in the future.


Payment: transforming constraints into opportunity

As a hotel owner, do you often wonder how to focus more on customers than on paperwork? Discover the latest technology trends and solutions that can help you eliminate all manual tasks related to payment issues. Go back to the heart of your business: customer service!


Influencing the Traveler Path to Purchase

When thinking about marketing plans, it is important to consider the balance of marketing reach and booking intent across all phases of the traveller path to purchase. Join us to learn how you can influence these booking-ready travellers: get exclusive, data-driven insight about traveller behaviour and purchase patterns, discover how you can leverage this knowledge to influence booking decisions and access valuable tips and best practices used by hoteliers and innkeepers worldwide




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