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How to increase Profit in a Digital and Data driven World

Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
Availpro & FASTBOOKING, in partnership with major Hospitality Industry specialists, shared a different path for hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution to gain a healthy balance among the various digital channels.
Together, they revealed practical and actionable techniques on how hoteliers can optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability during its Digital Lab.
Download the event report that consists of the key points from the presentation.



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Revenue-Management Trends

Martin Gahn presents an overview of trends within modern Revenue-Management and shows examples of the daily challenges and dangers regarding an optimal technology environment focussing on yield. Demand, market analysis and adjustments of rates as well as a quick reaction to the ever changing markets and competition put staff and management equally in a position of short-term changes of strategies. Revenue-Management is not only on „how“ but also on „why“.


Turning payment problems into opportunities

If, as a hotelier, you often wonder how to focus more on guests rather than paperwork, then come and hear about new technology trends and solutions that can help you eliminate all those manual tasks around payment problems and get back to what makes you a king of service.


How can synergies with PMS systems be used to accelerate Internet bookings and how can guest satisfaction be increased?

How can powerful and stable technologies help the hotelier update the PMS system queries and bookings received through the channel manager? How does the PMS synchronize with the Channel Manager?




Direct Booking’s Bermuda Triangle: Why your guests are lost in the customer journey

André from Hotelchamp will talk about how guests experience hotels's websites and why people are leaving without making a booking. He will share insights to understand how hotels can fix their websites using techniques mastered by OTAs, to keep people on site and make a booking.


The challenge of conversion : what can you do to improve your website performance

The conversion rate of a hotel website is influenced by several factors that are important to optimize it. The bet is high: An additional conversion point equals several additional margins. This presentation will help you to identify traffic sources that will lead to better conversions (and those you can forget). It will also tell you how your pricing strategy impacts your conversion rate and how you can reduce your initial outlay.


Flexible pricing strategies and the influence of Neuropricing

• Value of prices
• Who has price sovereignty? The power of the Online Travel Agencies!
• Price psychological approaches
• Status Quo and examples
• Flexible pricing strategies
• Neuropricing as a savior?


How can hotels leverage their data in the post-GDPR era?

Hotels work with dozens of different systems, all of which store different types of guest data in different formats. This makes it nearly impossible for a hotel to collect, store and use guest data in compliance with the new GDPR regulations. Learn how to leverage your data by centrally storing it in one source, allowing your hotel not only to remain GDPR compliant, but also to best use its data for clearer guest insight, more personalized marketing, and better management decisions.





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