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Hotel Digital Lab

Dedicated to hotels and conducted by industry leaders, the Hotel Digital Labs cover Hoteliers' current hot topics and provide keys to interpret trends that are shaping the future of Hotels distribution: Are Metasearch really shifting the balance of power? How can Hoteliers leverage on Google’s innovations to drive more direct traffic?... During this conference our expert speakers will provide insights and tips to seize new opportunities and increase your profits in a digital and data-driven world.


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How to respond to the new routes and digital uses of hyper connected travelers?

Many innovations are being developed at Google to improve the user experience in Google Hotel Ads as search tools. See how hoteliers can leverage these innovations to expand their visibility on Google and increase their direct booking


The challenge of conversion: what can you do to improve your website direct performance?

The conversion rate of a hotel's website is determined by several factors that it is important to consider to be able to optimize it. The stakes are high: 1 conversion point earned equals several points of additional margin. Identify the traffic sources that convert best and those that need to be forgotten. And find out how your pricing strategy impacts your conversion rate and how it can help you lower your acquisition costs.


Direct Booking’s Bermuda Triangle: Why your guests are lost in the customer journey

Brooke from Hotelchamp will talk about how guests experience hotels's websites and why people are leaving without making a booking. She will share insights to understand how hotels can fix their websites using techniques mastered by OTAs, to keep people on site and make a booking.


Shoot for the Average, Miss the Target - Discover the Many Paths to a Hotel Booking

The Holy Grail of travel marketing is knowing why, when, and how travellers plan, search, and book their travel. For a decade now, the travel industry has been seeking to unlock the average ‘traveller path to purchase’ and turn advertising into science that guarantees bookings. However, Sojern’s recent research shows there is no average traveller path to purchase. Instead, our latest work demonstrates that any single path to purchase is exponentially more complex than we suspected. It’s time to give up the quest for a single path to purchase for all travellers and learn how to speak to each traveller, individually. If you aim for the average traveller, you're likely to miss your target.


How can chat messaging turn your visitors into direct bookers?

98% of visitors who visit your website leave without booking. Discover how to generate 20% more direct bookings by accompanying your hesitant visitors to finalize their booking using instant messaging.


Turning payment problems into opportunities

If, as a hotelier, you often wonder how to focus more on guests rather than paperwork, then come and hear about new technology trends and solutions that can help you eliminate all those manual tasks around payment problems and get back to what makes you a king of service.



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